Anyone interested to join is invited to make contact and place their name and details with us for consideration towards becoming part of our very happy group of thespian enthusiasts.

This you may do by first making contact by calling us on the mobile at 01449 761 930/ 01473 682879.

Any persons below the age of 16yrs must obtain their parents’ approval or by getting them to ring us on your behalf.

We have no discrimination, our age group consists from within those of age brackets within 8yrs to more maturity level.

Position Person Contact Details
Chair/Production Director Edward Colthorpe Tel: 01449 761 930/ 01473 682879
Finance Committee Phillip Keeble, Accountant
Edward Colthorpe
Simon Balfe
As above
Committee Members Edward Colthorpe, Chair

Joan Colthorpe

Carol Wheatley

Clair Lee

Dora Chow

Youth Committee Lauren Belfe, Chair

Alicia Wheatley, Finance

Mollie Williamson, Secretary

Rhiannon Kinrada, Committee

Approved Suffolk County Council Chaperones:
Co-ordinator: Edward Colthorpe
Joan Colthorpe – Rahat Shehzad – Carol Wheatley
Vice president: Councillor David Goldsmith and others

Musical Director engaged: Matt Randall
Supported by numerous musicians with many years experience of musical theatre
Health and Safety Officer: Simon Balfe

Committee Profiles

Edward Colthorpe – Our Founder & Artistic Director
Edward Colthorpe. F.Inst.M., Born and Bred in Suffolk, has an impressive record of corporate management & working with young people.

The urge to perform on the stage arrived at a very young age, and continues equally to this day. With a full understanding of the gains to be made from singing, acting & dance, for both young and old alike. Having won numerous awards within the holiday industry, while directing at all levels
of the theatre, his discipline requirements towards commitment, loyalty to task, enjoyment while participating, plus understanding of others needs are all well-known and respected. Able bodied and all others, are treated as equals under his leadership. Ably assisted by his wife Joan, the group is well equipped to bring confidence and maturity to all who join in the art forms he teaches. He often finds today’s statements of participation and teaching, as being something of a brand new concept. As if the gains to be made today are something very new! Wrong, he says, these were also being taught many tens of years ago. His great enthusiasm ensure that all who comes into contact, are assured of being part of a very busy program of social, fundraising and large theatre experiences. Often working with professionals. The photographs and histrionics clearly illustrates while looking at this year’s events available to all viewers of this site. Believe in him, he can greatly develop your creative skills and knowledge, while you are learning and performing under his leadership.

Simon Balfe – Health & Safety
Father of one of our staunch teen members. His corporate background of shipping management and logistics with an international company, renders him ideal while assuring that all governmental, community and insurance requirements that exists today, are truly met. Having arrived cold to the whole A & C scene, he too has found the experience useful and infectious of the many issues arising through our groups activities. Recently being allowed some access to many of the alternative roles that exist within theatre performances, together with his family connections within the membership, ensures a lasting and responsible interest in the whole area of training for the performing arts.

Phillip Keeble – Professional Chartered Accountant
Our present accountant, who acts independently of the committee and within all our needy requirements. Has filled this role which is much appreciated by the committee acting within the necessary requirements of providing the group with his expertise of management of the systems adopted. The policy is to ensure that all members are conscious of this independence from the day to day running of the group, thus ensuring the security much needed when dealing with any authorities source.

Chaperoning Legislation
This role is exercised by registered members of the group’s general committee by S.C.C.

Member of: